What Is My Why?

I feel very strongly that investors are being the detriment of society

Over the past 10 years we have met numerous investors who have shared their stories about how financial institutions have failed them in providing appropriate guidance for their investment portfolios. Many have gone on to lose significant portions of their net worth, leading to financial and emotional hardships, while the institutions that should be helping them are enjoying massive profits. There is a serious disconnect here. This is not healthy for our society.

If investors cannot build sufficient wealth for significant milestones in their life, they will become dependant on government institutions and ultimately the taxpayer will pay for it.

It shouldn't be this way.

The popping of tech bubble in 2000, along with the recent financial crisis, has seen the net worth of investors globally plummet. People are getting left behind by a financial system that is complex and changing rapidly. Traditional financial advice has not satisfied people's needs to make smart financial decisions. Investor's feel jaded, betrayed, and helpless by financial institutions. They feel they have no choice but to take control of their hard earned savings. This has resulted in the emergence of the empowered "Do It Yourself" investor class and a growing number of them are embarking on a journey to take control of their financial destiny. The DIY investor needs a different kind of partner and relationship to take this journey and this partner is an investment coach.

The Internet and 500 channel universe has enabled the DIY investor to access a mountain of information, most of it being noise. They are looking for skills to better synthesize financial information so that they can act upon it for their portfolios. They are not looking for financial advice. Much like a high performance athlete or a corporate executive, they are looking for a coach and a mentor to push them to develop the financial and emotional intelligence to succeed in investing.

Investment coaching has developed for one reason - because it has sadly become necessary.

Most of us know what we should do to build wealth and become financially independent. The problem is not in the knowing - the problem is in the execution.

The formula is simple. Spend less. Save more and invest in high quality assets. We also understand pretty well how we should do these things and there is more than enough resources that can help you do these things. 

It's one thing to tell people what they should do, and it is an entirely different thing for them to actually do it. The human being is a complex, emotional beast. It is not a logical nor rational computer, no matter how many degrees and diplomas they have.

Instructing people to invest in stocks by giving them turn-key solutions or answers is like telling the overweight people to lose weight by eating less and exercising more. 

We already know what we should do but we aren't doing it. Similarly, people that invest in stocks know they should buy stocks when they are cheap and sell when they are higher in value, but often they don't.

The fundamental question is how to get someone to do what they really want to do but for some unknown reason aren't doing already?

That is the domain of investment coaching. A mysterious "something" is keeping people from doing what they already know they should do. Everyone at some point with education knows how to read a financial statement and crunch some ratios, but it is the emotional aspect of reconciling the analysis with their investment goals that bogs us all down and traditional investment advice isn't going to solve that problem. Why?

Traditional investment advice is about volume, commission, and moving product - not people. Investment advisors sadly have it all backwards. People are the cause and responsible for their investment decisions, and the products that investment advisors sell are only tools - not solutions. We can all buy the same ingredients to make a great cup of coffee, but we all don't have the same skills to make the coffee. Different people with the same ingredients will build radically different coffee. Some will come out good and others not so good.

The same can be said about investment products. We can all buy the same investment products your financial planner and advisor is suggesting, but we won't all achieve the same financial success.

People with financial intelligence will succeed regardless of income level, while others without financial intelligence will subsist in financial mediocrity - or worse. The difference is the person's financial intelligence, and that is the domain of investment coaching.

The financial services industry is ignoring the most important part of your financial success - you!

If you are losing money investing in stocks then you are the reason it exists. You won't find the solution to your financial problems by looking outside yourself to an investment tool offered by an investment associate. Instead, you must look inside yourself to your financial AND emotional intelligence.

Investment coaching helps you build financial and emotional intelligence - traditional investment advice does not.

So What is My Why? Why am I doing this?

I do this because I want to help hard working people learn how to buy and sell stocks and ETF's. They want to learn how to invest, but feel intimidated by the process and the industry and are frustrated by the lack of personal success.

I do this because I want to help people make successful investment decisions on their own so they become more financially independent.

Becoming financially independent leads to greater opportunities to authentically give back to your family, your friends, your neighbourhood and your society. 

My "Why" is to teach investors how to grow their own lemons so they can drink all the lemonade they want for the rest of their lives.

This is my Why.

I would be honoured to help you unleash your inner Sage Investor.