Hot Stock Observations: Stop Trying To Beat The Market!


This emphasis on beating the market has become entrenched especially within the financial services industry. For people managing other people’s money in products like mutual funds, pension funds and other types of managed portfolios, your investment pedigree and more importantly, your performance bonus is defined not only by if you have earned returns in excess of the market returns but also by how much, or the “alpha”. This pressure to beat the market has now trickled down to the masses. Investment products of many stripes are being cranked out with a marketing premise that their fund will outperform the market. This is insane and it has to stop.

Getting Started With Investment Coaching


In this video, we review the process for using our investment coaching services at Sage Investors. Investment coaching involves a three stage process involving identifying your risk tolerance and long term goals followed by a combination of learning modules and one-on-one coaching sessions that are geared toward increasing your financial literacy and to help you make better investment decisions.