Stock Talk - Ep 81 - Battle of the investing hypotheses


A right of passage for anyone studying investing and finance in university is to face the beat down of learning one of core investing theories which is the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). It is a particularly dry topic which I recall on several occasions made me almost fall asleep in class. In school they basically ram the EMH into your brain and I really wasn't in any place to know if it was a good thing. You just accept it and move on. Over time though, I grew more suspect of this model especially after seeing people like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch basically thumb their nose at it and had a bank account to prove it. Over time also I've become a proponent of behavioural finance theories having a greater impact in how we make investing decisions. Another variant of the EMH has emerged, called the Adaptive Market Hypothesis, which integrates a behavioural component to the discussion. In this episode I examine both Hypothesis and offer my takes on the pro's and cons of each.