Stock Talk - Ep 59 - Alternative facts and investing

I actually had a totally different working title for this episode but recent events have introduced a term that somehow fits where I'm going with this episode. I'm afraid that what I'm going to say is going to ruffle some feathers in the personal finance blogging community. 

When I started out as an investment coach, I spent a fair bit of time teaching people how to filter financial information from traditional sources like financial statements and brokerage reports. Recently I find myself adding an additional layer, which is reading and interpreting financial blogs as more and more I am finding blogs that are producing content that is paid or sponsored content, which is worrying to me as it casts some doubt in terms of the objectivity of the information being presented. I'm a bit conflicted in that I know people who do this and write some wonderful and thought provoking pieces, yet when I read a post that is sponsored I feel some of that "purity" or objectivity is lost, which I'm sure is what drives initially a lot of people to blog or do podcasting. The whole notion of social media influencers which corporations have pursued in their marketing strategy appears to be making its way through the personal finance genre. In this episode I weigh into what appears to be a growing phenomena and offer some takes if this a good thing for investors.