Stock Talk - Ep 101-Investment Decisions-October 2017-Part 1


October was pretty active month for investment decisions, especially as the market continues to surge and set records on an almost daily basis. Because of this I had to break up this post into a couple of smaller posts. In this first of a 2-part series, I share my thought process that I was going through with several investment decisions that involved buying more stock as well as a decision where I decided at first to hold my position but eventually I decided to sell and incurring a loss. 

Stock Talk - Ep 93 - Why you'll be a better investor than anyone on Wall Street


Investing thanks to computer processing power has allowed us to filter, slice, and dice ridiculous amounts of information to give us insights into the behaviours and financial performance of stocks. It is driving more and more of our decision making and I feel that at the expense of more qualitative elements that are just as important in the decision making process. People who work in the investment industry are so dependent on the numbers that they have lost context and perspective and more importantly a respect for the value of money. This is attributable to the culture of Wall Street and Bay Street. In this episode (podcast on iTunes), I provide some examples of how easy it is drown in numbers to the point that we lose context and meaning in those numbers and how as individual investors, having an awareness of this perspective can be an enormous asset and advantage in making successful investment decisions.

Stock Talk - Ep 92 - My Last 100 Investment Decisions - Updated


The cornerstone of my investment coaching practice is to teach and mentor people to make better investment decisions as it pertains to the buying and selling of individual stocks and ETF's. It’s one thing to teach this stuff. It’s another thing to model the behavior and it’s a totally different thing to actually demonstrate tangible results. In this episode I reviews my updated Last 100 list and shares my insights on my investment experience and pedigree.