Webinar Registration: Demistyfying RRSP's and TFSA's

One of the common questions I get as an investment coach,  especially from people who are starting out investing revolves around RRSP’s and TFSA’s. People know the terms. They have even setup accounts but many have a hard time wrapping their heads on how they can and should be used for investing and growing their savings.

Join me on January 26th for a free webinar where I take some of the mystery out of TFSA’s and RRSP’s.

In this one-hour webinar, I will walk through and explain:

  • What is an RRSP and a TFSA?
  • What’s so great about RRSP’s and TFSA’s?
  • What’s not so great about them?
  • The mechanics (contribution limits, types of accounts, pitfalls, what types of investments can I hold)?
  • Which is better…for me?


Who is this webinar for?

  • New investors trying to figure out where and how to start investing.
  • Existing investors who have RRSP’s and TFSA accounts but they have been gathering dust and are looking to better understand and become more engaged in managing their investments.


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About the speaker

Aman Raina is an investment coach and founder of Sage Investors, a financial education practice that works with individual investors to improve their financial literacy and behaviours towards money so that they can become better, more independent investors.

Aman's passion for investing was crystallized when he got his first job working at the Toronto Stock Exchange in the time when the trading floor still existed. He was on the floor on that fateful afternoon when Bre-X traded from $10 to 50 cents within milliseconds. Working in that environment, he motivated himself to elevate his knowledge of investing beyond the Finance textbooks he read in university. Alas, he was disappointed to find a lack of credible and unbiased investment information available, so in the true spirit of an Outlier, he refined and practiced his known skills in programming and financial analysis to develop a database of Canadian investment research using a unique model (Economic Profit). Malcolm Gladwell would be proud.

He founded AKR Capital Research and began providing portfolio managers and individual investors with independent investment research. Over the years, he has been switching his focus away from institutional clients because frankly, they really don't need any help. They will make their money no matter what happens. The group that Aman has seen requiring the most assistance is the average retail investor, who after several stock market meltdowns are now empowering themselves to take control of their portfolios and investments. They are looking for someone to coach them to elevate their financial literacy so they can maneuver and synthesize the mountain of investment information to separate noise from value and leverage this information through analysis to make informed and successful investment decisions. They are not looking for PhD explanations. They are not looking to be talked down and shunned like second-class citizens by financial institutions. Aman has gained much more satisfaction helping these hard working people.

Aman has appeared on a variety of media outlets including financial print media as well as podcasts.

Sage Investors is based out of Toronto, Canada


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