Coaching Modules

Below is a breakdown of the different coaching modules we offer. We tailor these modules depending on the needs of the client as well as level of financial literacy that has already been obtained. The modules combine lecture, video, as well as practical application through analysis of financial topics that are relevant to the client

Module 1: Principles of Capitalism

  • How society creates "stuff"
  • What is capital?

Module 2: Principles of Measuring Financial Performance

  • Reading/Interpreting Financial Statements
  • Separating financial reality from accounting hocus-pocus
  • Understanding and Exploiting The Players (Retail/Institutions/Media)
  • Understanding Basic Financial Products (Stocks/ETF's/Mutual Funds)

Module 3: Understanding The External Environment

  • Basic Economic Indicators
  • Political/Economic/Social/Technological scanning
  • Industry Analysis
  • Stock Market Psychology/Sentiment Indicators

Module 4: Understanding The Internal Environment

  • Strategy and Porter's 5 Forces
  • Basic Operational Wealth Indicators
  • The Capital Investment Decision
  • How Companies Raise/Finance Capital

Module 5: Measuring Risk

  • Cost of Capital

Module 6: Measuring Value

  • Understanding Economic Profit

Module 7: Making the Investment Decision

  • The decision to buy a stock
  • The decision to sell a stock

Module 8: Building and Maintaining the Winning Portfolio

  • Time horizons and personal commitment
  • Diversification vs. "Diworsification"
  • Investment Strategies (Value versus Growth, Fundamental versus Technical)


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