Mind mapping decision to buy Baidu


Just recently I made a decision to buy shares in Baidu. In this mind map, I share my thought process that lead me to my decision. For every decision I make I try to answer some core fundamental questions about the company. After answering them, I usually have a pretty good idea whether I want to buy their stock or not. 

UPDATE: In June 2018 I sold my shares in Baidu for a 23.1% gain (net of Foreign Exchange). The stock was prodding along in the low $220's and got as low as $214 but then it popped and I eventually sold at $271. I thought the stock moved pretty fast and crossed my 20 percent return threshold that I thought maybe it's good to bank the profit now and buy back in if it were to pull back lower, which given the volatile nature of the stock is more than capable of. I still like the company and many of the points I spoke to in this mind map video are still in play.