Mind mapping where we are in the markets


The stock market finally showed a little personality the past few weeks. There have been an endless list of reasons offered. In this mind map, I tried to scratch out some core reasons that made investors take pause about owning stocks and tried to figure out possible scenarios about where we can go from here.

Mind mapping decision to buy Baidu


Just recently I made a decision to buy shares in Baidu. In this mind map, I share my thought process that lead me to my decision. For every decision I make I try to answer some core fundamental questions about the company. After answering them, I usually have a pretty good idea whether I want to buy their stock or not. 

UPDATE: In June 2018 I sold my shares in Baidu for a 23.1% gain (net of Foreign Exchange). The stock was prodding along in the low $220's and got as low as $214 but then it popped and I eventually sold at $271. I thought the stock moved pretty fast and crossed my 20 percent return threshold that I thought maybe it's good to bank the profit now and buy back in if it were to pull back lower, which given the volatile nature of the stock is more than capable of. I still like the company and many of the points I spoke to in this mind map video are still in play. 

Mind Map: Evaluation of Snapchat Stock


In some recent sessions that I've facilitated, I've heard discussions around getting into Snapchat stock. The main driver is there is a school of thought that SNAP is following a similar evolution that Facebook went through (i.e. IPO with the stock going up, only to pull back to below the IPO price, but then surging after). I decided to take a quick dive into the whole phone camera messaging company and scratch out some ideas to see if there is an investing opportunity to be had. 

Mind mapping decision to buy Cheesecake Factory stock


I've had this company in my radar screen for a long time but I could never pull the trigger to buy it as I thought it was too pricey. This year the stock has been steadily tracking down and so I decided to take dive in and see if it would an interesting investment now. In this video I  mind map my thought process that led to my decision to buy shares in Cheesecake Factory (Ticker: CAKE).


In May 2018, this position was sold for a gain of 20.8% (Net Forex).

Mind mapping decision to buy Costco stock (COST)


Recently I just made a decision to buy some shares in Costco. In this video I share my mind-map and my though process that went through to make my decision. For every stock and company I evaluate, I always ask the same basic questions and once I am able to answer them, I feel I should have a decent understanding of the business and I should be able to determine if I want to buy the stock or sell the stock. 

Mind mapping impact of war with North Korea on stocks


Building off my podcast and video episode of Stock Talk, with both Mad Kings trash talking their way to a confrontation, Aman tries to mind map what a war between the US and North Korea would have on the global economy and potentially on stock prices. Whatever happens, it won't be good.

Mind mapping investing themes in a Donald world


The first month of the new Commander and Chief has been eventful to say the least. Even though it appears we are heading into a period of audibles at the policy line of scrimmage, we still need to invest. We can't hide under a bed for four years. In this video, I try to mind map some emerging themes from the Mad King (a.k.a. The Donald) and see if we can map them to specific investment vehicles.

Mind mapping impact of currency devaluation on stock prices


There's been a lot of chatter by countries accusing other countries of manipulating their currencies by devaluing them. In this mind map exercise, I try to figure what the impacts of currency devaluation could have on stock prices and whether this type of policy is good or bad.

Mind mapping impact of trade war on stock prices


The incoming Trump administration has been signalling that from the first day they take office, they will tear up various trade agreements and negotiate for better terms. In this mind map, Aman tries to walk through the impact on stock prices when a country adopts a more protectionist trade policy.