Let's take your investing game to the Next Level

Do you want to become a successful investor? I’m here to help.

Are you having trouble wrapping your head around the whole concept of figuring out what stocks and ETF’s are worth buying and when to sell them? Could you use someone who will teach and mentor you to make better investment decisions?

I help people who want to be on a solid path to meeting their long term financial goals but feel intimidated by the investment process and frustrated by the lack of personal financial success. I provide coaching on the "how to's" of investing so you can craft and implement your financial plan successfully.

My protégés are motivated, and committed to investing but they can’t seem to get any structure or process on framing their investment decisions.

If you’re ready to learn about investing, and become more engaged and empowered in your investment decisions, I can help you get there.

From my experience, successful  investors possess 3 core abilities and I can help you develop these competencies.

  • I will EDUCATE you on the mechanics of how to figure out what stocks/ETF's to buy or sell as well learning to be more control of your emotional behaviours which can cloud your judgement when making investing decisions
  • I will make you more ENGAGED in the investment process by teaching you a framework for making investment decisions
  • I will take away the fear factor most people have about investing and give you the CONFIDENCE to take action to make successful investment decisions.

The coaching programs I have developed are more personalized than the online versions of the courses in that I will be teaching you the material and practicing, analyzing, and evaluating different kinds of stocks and ETF's in real-time. As you go through the programs I will be right there with you every step of the way helping you, practicing with you,  supporting you, and encouraging you!


Investment Coaching Programs


Everyday Investing Coaching Program

Using the Everyday Investing program I will teach how to buy and sell stocks successfully. The goal here is to not turn you into a Wall Street tycoon. It is to make you literate and comfortable with basic investment practices that you can apply in your day to day life that will enable you to analyze and make more successful investment decisions instead of resorting to throwing darts or polling your colleagues for stock tips. I will be teaching the modules live and for the most part online (for those living in the Greater Toronto Area, we could do it in person if it's feasible!)

What will you learn from this program?

In the Everyday Investing Program, I will teach you

1) First principles on how companies create wealth and what drives stock prices. We use these principles to build on more specific investment competencies. 

2) How to read and interpret one of the most significant tools investors have at their disposal in evaluating stocks, the financial statements.

3) How to use every-day macroeconomic measurements to better understand the business environment companies operate in.

4) How to figure out if a company and/or its stock is a risky investment.

5) How to figure out of a stock is cheap or expensive.

6) How to answer the 8 most important questions  you need to ask every time you are evaluating a stock. 

7) How to figure out which investment products are appropriate for you.

8) Finally I will share with you the secret sauce that separates great investors from the rest.

As we move through the program we will apply these lessons to your personal investment circumstance in analyzing and evaluating stocks that could be included in your portfolio. 

Your Committment

The Everyday Investing Coaching Program will take 12 weeks to complete and will require a commitment of 2 hours per week where we can meet and review the material and concepts as well as 1-2 hours of coaching time per week dedicated to practicing, researching and analyzing stocks.


The Everyday Investing Coaching Program costs $1200 CDN plus applicable taxes.


How to Invest in ETF's Coaching Program

One of the growing and most popular investing vehicles out there are Exchange Traded Funds or ETF's. ETF’s have replaced mutual funds and to a certain extent owning individual stocks as a viable option for investors looking to grow their hard earned savings. ETF’s come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are marketed as a cheap low cost method to invest in a variety of asset classes and investment strategies. Conversely ETF's have become more complex in nature. They are not like your grandma’s ETF’s of 30 years ago! The sheer diversity in ETF products that have exploded in recent years bring along with it complexities and tradeoffs that many investors may not be aware of, however you will not.  

My goal in creating and teaching this course is to go beyond just introducing you to ETF’s and showing how they work but more importantly to make you more street smart in evaluating them to determine which one’s are appropriate for your portfolio. The course will examine different types of ETF’s available to investors as well as what they should be aware and on alert for when evaluating them.

What you will learn from this program?

In this program I will teach you:

  • What are ETF’s.
  • What are so great about them and what is not so great about them.
  • What you need to look out for when evaluating ETF's.
  • What kinds of ETF’s are available. 
  • What criteria you can use right away when evaluating an ETF.

We will practice applying these learnings by evaluating and  analyzing different types of ETF's and determining which one's would be appropriate investments in your portfolio .

Your Committment

The How to Invest in ETF's Coaching Program will take 3 weeks to complete and will require a commitment of 2 hours per week were we can meet and review the material and concepts as well as 1-2 hours of time dedicated to practicing researching and analyzing ETF's


The How to Invest in ETF's Coaching Program costs $400 CDN plus applicable taxes.


A la Carte Coaching

For those who are interested in just meeting to bounce some ideas on investment decisions they are facing in real-time, I offer one-on-one coaching sessions. The hourly rate I charge is $250/hour CDN plus applicable taxes


For more information on my coaching programs, please contact me and I would be more than happy to answer your questions.