Everyday Investing PROGRAM Pricing

Sampler Package


  • For those who want to sample the Everyday Investing program before making a larger commitment to taking the whole program, I have put together a Sampler package which consists of taking any of the 8 Everyday Investing modules PLUS an hour of one-on-one coaching where we can discuss the course and/or discuss personal investment decisions you are facing in real time!
  • For those living in the Greater Toronto Area, I am willing to teach you the course you registered in-person! You pick the place and I'm there!
  • Exclusive access to Everyday Investing Discussion Groups page


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Online Course


  • Unlimited access to all 8 online modules and tutorials in the Everyday Investing program.
  • Exclusive access to Everyday Investing Discussion Groups page
  • Direct access to me if you have questions about the course or are confused by some specific concept or topic. I'm there to help you! I want you to become good at this! 






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Personalized Teaching/Coaching of Everyday Investing

I also offer a personalized version of the Everyday Course where I teach the course one-on-one in real time and practice with you in real-time applying the lessons we go through. It's like having your own personal private tutor for 3 months!