Beginning Your Investing Journey: Laying the foundation for your investing success

Your investing journey to date

You’ve been thinking for a while that you need to take more action in growing your savings so you can meet your long-term financial goals. Your friends, family, and colleagues have told you repeatedly how much investing is important. You keep saying you’ll get around to it...someday.

You’re hesitant because you’ve seen people in your circle lose some or all of their savings investing and don’t want that to happen to you. You press on and start slowly dipping your toe by surfing the web, maybe taking some evening courses, and visiting your local bank to learn more about investing.  You feel like you’re doing the right thing and are on the right path to taking control of your money.

You opened a trading account and tried to buy some stocks, and it didn’t go well. You felt you were on a right path but suddenly you now feel like you are in a ditch with no way to get out.

Your investing experience has left you with a bitter taste because you are following an investing path that is not compatible with your lifestyle.

You’re not alone.

I want to tell you that investing is a lot easier than what the industry makes it out to be and that there is an investing path for you that can allow you to become a successful investor on your terms.


Your financial freedom is within reach

Your intentions with investing are simple. You just want to make sure your hard-earned savings are growing meaningfully so you will have the money to achieve personal goals that are important to you.

By becoming more involved with your finances, you feel hopeful that you are on the right path to becoming financially independent.

You wish you could just get over your fear and trepidations of investing, so you can improve your odds of building an adequate nest egg for your future.

When you finally sit down and start trying to figure out what stocks to buy:

Your head spins trying to figure out what all these investing terms mean. P/E ratio? Balance Sheet? Stock buy-backs? Why does investing have to be this confusing?

You have all these impressive-looking slick charts, graphs, and reports you bookmarked from the Internet but have no idea what they mean and how to use them to make investment decisions. You feel overwhelmed by the mountain of information.

You freeze. You hesitate. Eventually, you press the Submit Order button and hope the stock goes up.


I can help you get your investing mojo

I help new investors who want to be financially independent but feel intimidated and confused about the investing world. They don’t know what the right investing path is for them nor where to begin. I teach and engage them how to make educated investment decisions so that they can achieve financial freedom in their lives with confidence.


After this short coaching program you will:

  • Begin to eliminate the intimidation and confusion about investing by identifying an investing path that is compatible with your lifestyle and that you can engage with confidently.

  • Narrow down your focus on the types of investments that will have a better chance of growing your savings for you.

  • Have an action plan that you can implement immediately that will identify:

    • What specific investing skills you need to develop that will help you make better investment decisions.

    • How to begin developing your framework for making investment decisions.


The Package: Let’s begin your investing journey!

Your investing journey to date

Before we meet, you will fill out a questionnaire that will give us both some clarity on the investing path you’ve taken so far and how you react to certain situations that are likely to occur on your investing journey. The answers you provide will form the basis and will  enhance our coaching conversation.

The Reveal: What is the right investing path for YOU?

In our 60-minute discussion, you will have the answers to:

  • Where investing fits into your priorities.

  • Whether you should invest on your own or work with an advisor.

  • Whether you should truly invest in individual stocks or in more diverse investments such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s).

Beginning the journey

With your investing path defined, you will receive within a day, a written action plan to begin your investing journey right away. In addition, you will receive a document outlining a roadmap for you to develop your investing skills. These documents will provide you with a solid foundation so you can start working towards making successful investment decisions.

The Follow-Up

2 weeks after our session, we’ll do a 15-20 minute check-in and see how you are progressing on your investing journey. If there is something unclear to you, we can address it so you don’t waste any time beginning your journey.

Just think, you will finally feel that you are going in the right direction in growing your savings and truly taking control of your financial destiny!


Price: CAD $99 + HST/GST (Total Charged - CAD$111.87)



I believe it's one thing to teach people how to invest. It's another thing to model the lessons and behaviours being taught and to walk the talk. One of the core elements of my practice is to be transparent in sharing my own investment decisions and the challenges that I face. It's a big reason why I tweet out in real time every investment decision (#trade2019, #trade2018, #trade2017, #trades2016) so people can see what I am doing and more importantly my thought process behind them. Every month I blog in more detail the investment decisions I make and for the decisions involving buying stocks, I incorporate the 8 questions that I teach people in the Everyday Investing program that they need to answer when they are evaluating stocks. 

I very much believe in practicing what I teach. So where has that got me? Well if you go back to my last 100 investment decisions, which runs back over 8 years, 84 of those 100 decisions were profitable with an average return of approximately 13.4 percent.


I’ve been investing in stocks since 1996. In terms of formal training, I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce degree, with specialization in Finance and Accounting from Carleton University in Ottawa Canada. I completed the Canadian Securities Course which is one of the core certification pre-requisites required to work in the industry. I also obtained my MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

My passion for investing was crystallized when I got my first job working at the Toronto Stock Exchange in the time when the trading floor still existed. I was on the floor on that fateful afternoon when Bre-X traded from $10 to 50 cents within milliseconds. Working in that environment, motivated me to elevate my knowledge of investing beyond the Finance textbooks I read in university. Alas, I was disappointed to find a lack of credible and unbiased investment information available, so in the true spirit of an Outlier, I refined and practiced my known skills in programming and financial analysis to develop a database of Canadian investment research using a unique model (Economic Profit). Malcolm Gladwell would be proud.

I founded AKR Capital Research and began providing portfolio managers and individual investors with independent investment research. Over the years, I switched my focus away from institutional clients because frankly, they really don't need any help. They will make their money no matter what happens. The group that I see requiring the most assistance is the average retail investor, who after several stock market meltdowns are now empowering themselves to take control of their portfolios and investments. They are looking for someone to coach them to elevate their financial literacy so they can maneuver and synthesize the mountain of investment information to separate noise from value and leverage this information through analysis to make informed and successful investment decisions. They are not looking for PhD explanations. They are not looking to be talked down and shunned like second-class citizens by financial institutions. I personally have gained much more satisfaction helping these hard working people.

After investing for 20 years, I really believe that investing is a lot easier than what the industry makes it out to be. I believe that any person can become really good at investing if they have the right education, motivation, and support. With that I transformed my practice into Sage Investors with a goal of creating an army of empowered and successful Sage Investors!

I've seen it first hand in the people I've worked with. My first clients knew nothing about investing, but with hard work and commitment to learning the mechanics and emotional aspects of investing, I see them now as confident investors who are building a meaningful nest egg for their future on their own.

I see them happy that their hard earned savings are growing meaningfully for them.

They have hope.

They have hope that that they have a good chance of having some financial flexibility to achieve their own personal and family goals.

I have gained so much admiration in watching people making more successful investment decisions and greater satisfaction in knowing I have played a role in helping these hard working people achieve some level of financial freedom in their lives. The best part is when I help someone on their investing journey, I am learning something new about investing that helps me. What a win-win!

More information about my personal investing journey

MY BROKER/ADVISOR HAS an open door policy where I can talk to them about investing and I don’t pay anything. WHY WOULD I PAY For a coaching service like YOURS?

I’m sorry to have to break this to you that even though you may have never had to pay out of pocket for consultations or special courses, you have actually been paying your brokerage company. You just haven’t known this because the financial services industry has buried these fees into your overall service fee. It just hasn’t been itemized.

One of key features of my coaching practice is that I don’t sell any financial products. I am not compensated by any banks, insurance or mutual fund companies. I get zero commissions, trailer fees, or bonuses. By doing so, I can offer my clients true unbiased insights and perspectives that other financial advisory services cannot provide. I am so proud to say that this freedom and independence is the essence of the Sage Investors brand.  What I get paid for is the time I spend teaching, mentoring, developing, and supporting my protégés.

Getting Started:

Are you interested in working together? Brilliant! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Click here to register for program and reserve a time slot on my calendar. You can make your payment directly when you book your appointment. Payment is process via Stripe and accepts all major credit cards.


Step 2: Within 24 hours after confirmation of payment, you will receive a confirmation email from me indicating we are good to go for our session.

Step 3: I will send you an email with a link to the questionnaire that you need to fill out and send back to me before we meet.

Step 4: It’s go time! Let’s get to work!



  • Full refund available up to 48 hours before appointment date, otherwise no refunds.


"I had started from scratch on my investment journey. Hesitant, skeptical and indecisive as a first-time investor. Aman, with one interview, had changed my perception. Aman set out a plan for me that I could confidently execute in the investing world. His experience, skills, and coaching techniques laid the groundwork for my investing success."  T.Bulka - Toronto, ON



If you have any questions about the program I’d be happy to answer them. You can email me at

I look forward to helping you unleash your inner Sage Investor!