Investment Decisions - October 2017 - Part 2

In the next couple of posts I share my thought process that went into my decisions to add a couple of new stocks to my portfolio. For those who have followed my blog and have taken my investing courses, every stock I analyze I try to answer the following eight questions that usually gives me a pretty good idea if I want to buy or avoid a stock.

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Investment Decisions - October 2017 - Part 3

I'm always keeping my eye on the luxury retail space looking for opportunities to jump in when a company is facing a lull. Even when they are on a down cycle, luxury retailers still manage to create tangible wealth, which to me shows how strong they are. So in the past month, Nordstrom entered my radar screen as there were some significant events that had taken place.

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Show Me The Money?: My last 100 investment decisions - 2017

UPDATE: Since I posted my original list in 2016, I’ve made about another 20 iterations of buying selling stocks and/or ETF’s. As result, I’ve updated my Last 100 List and this blog post to include these latest iterations. The numbers below are now updated.

The cornerstone of my investment coaching practice is to teach and mentor people to make better investment decisions as it pertains to the buying and selling of individual stocks. It’s one thing to teach this stuff. It’s another thing to model the behavior and it’s a totally different thing to actually demonstrate tangible results.

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