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What is Investment Coaching?

At first glance, there appears to be no difference between an investment adviser and an investment coach. It's semantics. The only common link is "investment" but the intentions are very different.

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The Results: My Last 100 Investment Decisions

It's one thing to teach and mentor people how to invest. It's another to walk the talk. I decided to put on my analytics hat and review my last 100 investment decisions to see if I made any good decisions and if there are lessons to be gained.

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"I learned a lot by following the Aman's course on "How to invest on Exchange Traded Funds. (ETF's)" . I was a total beginner at that time and going from zero to hands on with investing on ETFs was easy and fast with this course. Definitely one of my best investments! "

Alket C, Bologna Italy

"I first met Aman in the classroom. He was presenting for Ellen Roseman's personal finance and investing class. I remember liking his style and message straight away. So much so that I never really forgot him, even years later when I realized I needed investment support. 

For several years much of my savings languished un-invested. I simply lacked the confidence to go beyond basic broad based ETF strategies. It took Aman's enthusiasm and encouragement to give me the kick I needed to do my own research with the confidence I could make successful investment decisions. And after four years of watching inflation eat away at my savings, I can happily say it's all invested! 

Daniel A, Toronto ON


"I had started from scratch on my investment journey. Hesitant, skeptical and indecisive as a first-time investor. Aman, with one interview, had changed my perception. Aman set out a plan for me that I could confidently execute in the investing world. His experience, skills, and coaching techniques laid the groundwork for my investing success."  

T.Bulka - Toronto, ON

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